Learner Permit test

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If you already have a licence and it's not from a Recognised Country, you'll need to complete an Overseas Licence Verification appointment prior to sitting your Learner Permit test. You'll need to call 131171 or visit a Customer Service Centre to make a Licence Verification Appointment.


To take the learner permit test you need to:

You need to bring:

When you pass the test, a learner permit card fee applies.

*If you don't have any proof of your Victorian address (eg a bank statement, utility bill or rental agreement), make sure you get someone to sign the Victorian residence declaration on the licence application form.

Do you have a medical condition?

If you take prescribed medications or have a medical condition that could affect your ability to drive, you'll need to tell us and provide relevant medical reports.


We accept
All Visa and MasterCard payments will incur a card payment fee.

Fee: $43.60

Do you have another licence or permit?

If you have an interstate or New Zealand learner permit that's current or expired less than 5 years ago, you don't need to take this test. Instead, book a "Convert your interstate licence" appointment.

Once you've got a Victorian driver licence or learner permit, it's an offense for you to use your overseas licence to drive in Victoria.

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